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Wicklow Farmer Keith SymesBee pollinating rapeseed

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil

taste the difference!

Here at Wicklow Rapeseed Oil we take great pride in producing the finest culinary oils. My farm is situated in the heart of the Garden of Ireland and has been farmed by over four generations of my family. On my farm we produce products that are 100% natural, traceable and GM free. All our products are made from oilseed rape of a particular variety to ensure our light and nutty flavour . The seed is then freshly cold pressed without the use of chemicals, thereby gently extracting the oil and preserving all its natural goodness while obtaining its Extra Virgin standard. We are proud to have been winners within the Great Taste Awards since 2014  and achieved Gold in Blas na hEireann, the Irish Food Awards, this year. I hope you truly enjoy the unique flavoursome taste of our healthy cooking oils as much as I do.






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Wicklow Rapeseed Oil


Great Taste Award 2018 Great Taste Award 2017 GT 15 1-star

Great Taste Award 2014  Irish Food Award 2018

Our Uniquely Flavoursome Rapeseed Oil has been awarded a Gold Star by the Guild of Fine Foods, repeatedly. It has won within the Great Taste awards since 2014 and most recently achieved Gold in the Blas na hEireann, Irish Food Awards.

Our Rapeseed Oils have been Cold pressed with the finest seeds grown with passion by farmers in the Garden of Ireland.

We pride ourselves on Quality, Taste and Purity.

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Wicklow Rapeseed Oil 2-Cal Spray



2 Cal Cooking Spray – Wicklow Rapeseed Oil – 200 ml.

The healthier way to cook!

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil 250ml
Wicklow Rapeseed Oil 250 ml.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Garlic 250ml

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Garlic 250 ml.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Lemon 250ml


Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Lemon 250 ml.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Chilli 250ml

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil with Chilli 250 ml.